March 4, 2009

Celebration Suitcase

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 The anticipation of a trip is half the fun! Why not turn the wait into a fun, educational experience for the entire family! Each month we have a trip celebration day, and what’s a celebration without a quiz and some prizes!

First determine what it is you want to learn about the trip. For our upcoming cruise, we had celebration days that focused on each island, the ship, and shore excursions.

Next go online and gather information. The “education” part of this can be as in-depth as you like. The kids can research with you, you can provide reading materials for them to read, Netflix sometimes has some great videos you could use, or you could just blindly “test” your family. This is the one I like best!

I create a quiz (true false or multiple-choice) to go along with the information I researched. A sample question from our last trip was about the Disney Cruise ship:  The ship is nearly as tall as what major landmark? a. Statue of Liberty; b. Eiffel Tower; c. Sears Tower; d. Our House. I usually put between 8-10 questions on the quiz.

The winner, in my family everyone is a winner, gets to pull one strip from the celebration suitcase. The person with the most correct gets to pull two strips. On each numbered strip is a prize. The prizes don’t have to be elaborate. Some of our prizes we have used in the past have included: pick your own seat on the airplane; you get the tv remote at the hotel for the night; five dollars in souvenir money; a special snack on the airplane, etc.

If you don’t want to give prizes, you can always put facts on the strips of paper and your family can learn about the upcoming trip that way. Get even more creative and plan your meal around the celebration day.

Directions for making your own celebration suitcase:


You will need scissors, a pencil, ruler, box, and stickers for embellishment.

I purchased the box at Michaels for .89 cents. It is 9X4X4.  

Draw a line across the front of the box approximately 1 inch from the top. Draw a second line .25 inches from the first. This will form the opening. Carefully cut the opening and assemble the box. 

Fold a piece of computer paper in half and cut out strips. Write prizes on one half of the strip and insert them into the celebration suitcase. I number the part of the strip that sticks out of the box. If you don’t want to give prizes, you can also write facts on the strips of paper instead.

The best part is that the box folds up for easy storage until your next celebration or trip. All this fun for under $3.00!



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