February 25, 2009

Lost. . .Not with Me!

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Welcome to the debut of “Travel Tip Tuesday!” Yes, I realize that it is Wednesday, and the banner says “Works-for-me Wednesday” but that is because I’m makin’ the best of a bad situation. My computer died yesterday. I’m sure you understand my pain and frustruation and the control it took for me not to hurl the computer into the trash.

 It took a lot of self-control. Anyway, Welcome to “Works-for-Me Wednesday.” ta-da!

Our family loves to travel and whether your preferred mode of transportation is by plane, train, automobile, or on foot, I have a tip to help make your traveling a little less stressful.

I created the “lost card” after loosing my younger brother in the Magic Kingdom. He was fifteen at the time. Let’s just say that one collect call from Main Street, hours of roaming around the resort, and one frantic call from my mother 1000s of miles away made for a not so “priceless” experience.

So, if you are traveling, you need a plan: A plan for what to do if someone is temporarily misplaced.

Purchase the self-sealing laminating business/I.D. pouches from Scotch. They are 2 7/16 inches by 3 7/8 inches. Mine came in a pack of ten. I have many uses for these things, but you can also just go to any office supply store and have your card laminated right there.


On the front of the card, this is where I would really like to insert a picture–but the pooped out compter has other ideas–I type in my word processing program the lost directions. For our most recent trip, it was 1. Stay where you are; 2. Find a Cast Member; and 3. Give them this card.

The directions can vary depending on the age of the child. On the other side of the card I put the child’s name and our contact information. This is usually our cell phone numbers.

You can get as creative as you would like by adding in clip art and using fun fonts. The kids feel secure knowing that tucked away in their pocket is some “Lost protection”. This is what works for me.