March 23, 2009

Lessons Learned in the Drive Thru

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Do you ever feel like God is trying to teach you something? Like he’s looking down from heaven and talking directly to you.

I was waiting in line at the McDonald’s drive thru after just ordering my dollar soda. The truck in front of me was lost. The employee was trying to offer directions.

I can be impatient. Certainly there is a better way to get directions! Go inside the store. Ask at a gas station, but not in the supposed-to-be-fast drive thru. This McDonald’s also has a concrete barrier between the drive thru and the parking area. Even if I had wanted to get away, I was trapped.

Up walked a gentleman maybe 40 or 50 years old. He was alone. His disheveled appearance led me to believe that he was probably a hard worker, but simple. The town I was in has seen a lot of economic hardship. He wore a jacket from the former town grocery store. A big conglomerate bought out the small grocery franchise. In ten seconds of seeing this man, I formed some not-so-nice opinions.

He stood on the concrete curb and said somewhat quietly, “Where do ya want to go?” The driver and the Mc Donald’s worker didn’t hear him. He said it again. Oh, how nice. He was going to try to give directions. I was totally patronizing him in my head.

Then I heard the most selfless words, “I’ll take you. Follow me.” The gentleman walked back to his rather new looking Jeep and away they went, the truck following closely behind this considerate citizen.

As nice as I think I am. I wouldn’t go out of my way like this for a stranger. Sometimes I grumble under my breath as I wait to hold the door open for someone. I am pathetic, I know.

I was wrong. Very wrong to judge this man. I pulled up to the window and got my dollar soda and drove off.

Yes, God, I’m listening.


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