March 16, 2009

Sometimes you have to roll with it. . .

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In my house we have clearly defined roles. Call me old fashioned, but I like it that way. My husband takes care of all of our car issues. Magically my tires get rotated, the oil changed, and Rain-X applied. In short, he is the diagnoser and fixer of my car-going-wrong problems.

Things aren’t one sided. I take care of most of the cooking and “management” jobs like typing up a contact list for my husband’s class. I like these clearly defined jobs. I find comfort in knowing that I have one less thing to worry about.  

That is until today.

I was driving to work and heard a currblunk. It’s dark. I was entering the highway. I was pretty sure that the noise was not coming from my car. I glared at the driver next to me: He should really take care of that noise.

The currblunk grew a little noisier and the car just didn’t feel right.

Call it a woman’s car intuition, but I rerouted to the next exit and pulled into the nearest gas station. I was a fully functioning grownup when I got married. I could certainly handle this myself.

The front driver tire was fine. The back tire looked full. I rounded the back of the van and stared at the exhaust pipe. As far as mufflers are concerned, mine looked pretty ordinary. I stepped back and that’s when I saw it. Flat as a pancake. Wheel rim on pavement. I had a flat tire.

I was confident that although 40 miles away my husband could take command of the situation. It is, after all, his job expertise. Fast forward to the wrecker being called, the spare tire not budging, and several more calls to my husband, and I realized that I am capable of handling this. I might not want to, but I can. So I did.

 Two hours later, the purchase of two additional lug nuts, and I’m a proud owner of a Gold series 70,000 mile tire. Today was a nice reminder that I don’t need my husband to function or to swoop in and handle everything for me, but I sure do cherish and appreciate his help and support. I value his knowledge. I’m blessed to have him as a help mate, and I’m thankful for his willingness to be the “car guy.” We complement each other like that.

Even though I was able to roll with the punches today, I am happily content to relinquish any and all car maintenance responsibilities and go back to more important things like vacation planner and clothing shopper. It’s my “job”. Somebody’s got to take the hard ones.  


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  1. Darcie said,

    Your post made me smile. Good for you, first of all, for handling your ‘car issues’ all alone. And also so nice to hear your appreciation for all the things he does for you. I’m with you though; leave the vacations and shopping to me!

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