March 2, 2009

Launching an Idea

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I’ve always said that Monday is my favorite day of the week because it is a chance for a new beginning, a new start.

I had an idea this morning while driving to work.

Somewhere on the highway before the truck stop and the college, it just popped into my head. Really, that’s how it happened. One minute I was listening to Taylor Swift and the next thing I knew there it was an exciting, thrilling idea.

Dare I say it. A dream.

One handedly I rummaged through my school bag to find a pen and a piece of paper. I had to capture this idea. Make it concrete before reason and doubt took over.

I called Paul to discuss the possibility of this dream becoming a reality.  He’s used to my crazy ideas: reflective strips on deer, cars that drive themselves, GPS for cats, and my best one yet, car aerobics.

Paul would be objective. He would be the voice of reason. He would introduce the obstacles that I didn’t yet see at 7:10 this morning.

But, he liked it. He thought this was a good idea.

I’m excited. Scared. Ready to begin.

Why haven’t I thought of this perfect idea before?  Maybe I have. Maybe my brain is just recycling an old idea, but now I am ready to act.

Maybe now the idea is ready to take off and fly.

Maybe this Monday is the Monday that I begin to live the life I dream. 


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